I Received A Phone Call From The GOP Today…

I Received A Phone Call From The GOP Today…

I received a call today from the National Republican Congressional Committee asking me for a donation.  During the past few months, I have received similar calls from the Republican National Committee and the Pennsylvania State GOP.  After reciting all the good things that Republicans have done, and the need to stop Obama’s overspending, etc., the caller asked me for a donation to ensure future success.  The trite script was likely based on some Frank Luntz panel because they used the same rhetoric the GOP politicians repeat incessantly.  He said things like,  ‘we as conservatives’ need to come together to ‘balance the budget’, ‘cut wasteful spending’ and ‘defend our 2nd amendment rights’.  I was waiting for him to use the establishment new favorite phrase ‘common sense approach’.


I was very polite and after thanking the caller for doing what is certainly a difficult job, I told him that while I agree all of the stuff mentioned needs to be done, I do not believe ‘we’ are on the same page as to how to get it done.  Just like many GOP politicians who repeat the rhetoric to get elected, these GOP groups repeat the rhetoric to get money.


As soon as he sensed my anti-establishment viewpoint, he must have flipped the rolodex to find the right response to my ‘right-wing’ concerns.  He said, we have some great ‘tea party conservatives’ like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio who we are behind.  Now, all four of these senators challenged establishment Republicans in their primaries and they all won despite the establishment’s money funding the other moderate GOP option, including money from groups like the NRCC.  Additionally, I am not so sure Marco Rubio belongs in that group anymore given his push for amnesty.  He likely belongs with my own Senator Pat Toomey who used to be in the distinguished group, but has since fallen into a nameless space above McCain and Graham, but below Cruz, Lee and Paul.


There was a time when I believed giving money to the establishment GOP groups was the way to promote conservatism.  I was naïve.  I have learned from my past mistakes.  I agree with what Ted Cruz said last week, “frankly, I don’t trust Republicans.”


It is important to help fund certain groups or certain politicians who actually stand for limited government and the Constitution.  The GOP only stands for the Red team.   They do not believe true limited government conservatives can win and will use their might (and money) to ensure they do not get the opportunity.