Tuesday’s Tops And Bottoms – 5/28/13

Tuesday’s Tops And Bottoms – 5/28/13


















1.  Sharyl Attkisson – One of the few mainstream reporters who actually does her job, Attkisson has become an enemy of the Obama administration.  This is not because she is a right-winger who just likes to point her finger at Obama, it is because she is driven by a strong skepticism of government.  Shouldn’t all reporters be driven by this?  Attkisson has been ignored by her fellow CBS reporters who dismissed her investigations as politically motivated.  However, the scandals over the past couple weeks have proven that Attkisson was right about her skepticism.  Now it turns out Attkisson may have been a target of the Obama administration’s attempt to silence opposing views as well as criticism of the administration.  Attkisson reported that her work computers were hacked during the time she was investigating Obama’s Fast and Furious scandal.  While we do not yet know who was responsible, it sure fits into the recent narrative of the government silencing its opposition.  Attkisson deserves praise for a job well done.



2. Texas – While the overall U.S. economy is struggling to grow, and many states are loaded with debt, Texas is thriving.  Every year more and more businesses are leaving liberal states and relocating to the Lonestar State.  Why?  Texas is a low-tax, business friendly state.  While Pennsylvania has been unable to do anything about its super high corporate tax rate for many years, which has cost it business and therefore revenue, Texas has recently passed another round of tax cuts for businesses.  The liberals will always accuse southerners, especially Texans as dumb rednecks.  Well these ‘dumb rednecks’ sure know (1) how to balance a budget, (2) how to create a surplus, (3)how to create jobs, and (4) how to bring in business to their state.  President Obama, Congress and other states – like Pennsylvania – can learn a lot from Texas.



3.  Ted Cruz– This past week, Senator Cruz objected to forming a committee comprised of the GOP House and GOP Senate.    Sen. McCain rushed to object to Cruz’s objection saying that Cruz’s actions make it appear as if he doesn’t trust Republicans.  To which Cruz reply, “Frankly, I don’t trust Republicans.”  He also went on to say that it was the leaders in both the Republican Party and Democrat Party who were irresponsible with taxpayer money.  Cruz represents what Inside the Gulch is all about.  Political party means nothing!  The Republican party or any Republican politician is not worthy of your trust just because of their party affiliation, nor is the Democrat Party or Democrat politician.  We need to forget about political party and support the ideas that work to preserve our freedoms.  It is these ideas which make America so great, not political parties or politicians.


4.  Miguel Cabrera – Although it is very early in the season, Cabrera is on pace to have one of the best, if not the best, seasons for a hitter in baseball history.  Through 49 games, Cabrera is batting .377 with 42 runs, 14 homeruns,  and  57 RBIs.  That means he is on pace for 139 runs, 46 homeruns and 188 RBIs.  It is important to remember that Cabrera won the triple crown last year – the first player since 1967 to do so.  He did so batting .330 with 44 homeruns and 139 RBIs.  Currently, Cabrera is 1st in batting average and RBIs and second in homeruns in the AL.






1.  Chris Matthews – I am not sure why I even waste my time listening to what Chris Matthews has to say.  Perhaps it is because I enjoy looking at the above photo of the disheveled liberal.  This week, Matthews called Senator Cruz ‘nasty’, ‘wild’ and a ‘disaster’.   Conclusion:  The Left is worried about Cruz in 2016 and are beginning the attack early.  This will not be an easy task.  Famed Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, who called Cruz one of the school’s smartest students, warned that if you want to challenege Ted, you are Cruzin’ for an intellectual bruising.



2. George Washington University Professors – A recent survey of professors at George Washington University shows that over 30% of them believe President Obama should be on Mount Rushmore.  I think these folks need to come back down to Earth.  This type of over-hype is not a surprise.  I mean President Obama was America’s savior who would calm the oceans, cut the deficit in half and help the middle class.  We now see that he is on pace to nearly double the national deficit, the percentage of people working is at a 30 year low, the number of people dependent on the government is at an all-time high, and the middle class is earning less money while paying more for everything.  Giving Obama premature legendary status is clearly not something new.  He did win the Nobel Peace Prize after being in office only a few months.  I guess the surprising thing is that there are still so many people who refuse to accept reality.


3. Joe Mazur – The King of Plymouth Borough has, for all intents and purposes, lost his grip on old Shawnee.  For decades, Mazur had control of the small borough through his involvement in several local boards.  However, over the last couple years, Mazur has had several setbacks by citizens unhappy with the direction of the borough, as well as the complete lack of transparency.  In last week’s primary, Mazur ran on the same ticket as two current councilmen and another well-connected resident.  Out of 9 Democrats who ran for 4 spots, none of Mazur’s four made the cut.



4.  Zack Greinke-   After a bench-clearing fight early in the season sent Greinke to the DL with a separated shoulder, things did not look good for the Dodgers pitcher.  However, I made a bold move making Greinke part of a blockbuster trade  while he was on the DL.  At the time, Greinke was believed to be out until early to mid June.  I looked like a genius when Greinke came back from his injury ahead of schedule and got the win on May 15, giving up just 1 run and striking out 4 in 5.1 innings.  The next two outings for Greinke were not so hot.  In two starts he lasted only a total of 8 innings, letting up 9 runs, 19 hits, 4 walks and only 3 strikeouts.