Luzerne County: State Reps. Split On Property Tax Elimination

There are six State Representatives currently serving in Luzerne County.  Four of them are Democrats and two of them are Republicans.  While both Republicans support property tax elimination, only one Luzerne County Democrat has shown the same support.  State Rep. Gerald Mullery has joined Republicans Karen Boback and Tarah Toohil in co-sponsoring the bill to eliminate the school property tax.


Democrat State Representatives Mundy, Pashinski and Carroll have not co-sponsored the legislation and apparently do not see constantly rising property taxes as a problem for Luzerne County residents.


HB-76 has gained tremendous momentum over the last year and there are no longer any excuses for it failing.  Republicans have control of the PA House, Senate and the Governor.  Additionally, this measure is extremely popular among Pennsylvanians and has bipartisan support.  Should this fail to pass this year, the blame must be placed squarely on the politicians, more specifically the Republicans.